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Adam Archer

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 EN - DC Universe Holiday Special (2009) #1 

One-Shot. Featuring a Superman tale by Arie Kaplan, Nick Runge & Gabe Eltaeb, along with a Batman story illustrated by Peter Nguyen. Other contributors include Bill Tucci (a Sgt. Rock tale!), Howard Chaykin (drawing Enemy Ace!), JonBoy Me...

DC Comics
155,00Kč   (Skladem) 
 EN - Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) #647A 

This is it! After 101 issues, the writing team of Spidey Webheads says good-bye as the historic era known as BRAND NEW DAY comes to an end in a triple-sized SPECTACULAR! Over the past three years, he's faced New Ways to Die, a Gauntlet, and a G...

139,00Kč   (Skladem) 
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