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EN - Action Comics (1938) #601

Mike Baron, Terry Beatty, Rick Burchett, Max Allan Collins, Mike Gold ...

Nakladatelství: DC Comics

Autor:  Mike Baron, Terry Beatty, Rick Burchett, Max Allan Collins, Mike Gold, Mike Grell, Dan Jurgens, Gil Kane, Jim Owsley, Martin Pasko, Dan Spiegle, Roger L. Stern, Curt Douglas Swan

Autor obálky:  Dave Gibbons
Počet stran:  48
Rok vydání:  1988
Jazyk:  angličtina
Typ comicsu:  barevný
Vazba:  sešitová
Formát:  260 x 170 mm
Green Lantern: ... And The Pain Shall Leave My Heart
writer: Jim Owsley, penciller: Gil Kane, inker: Gil Kane, colorist: Anthony Tollin, letterer: Albert T. De Guzman, editor: Dennis O'Neil

Wild Dog: Point Of Order
writer(s): Max Allan Collins, penciller: Terry Beatty, inker: John Nyberg, colorist: Michele Wolfman, letterer: Gaspar Saladino, editor: Mike Gold
Freedom of Speech is one thing; literally taking a City Council hostage, though, that's probably where the Committee for Social Change crossed the line. But then, so did Wild Dog when he showed up to extricate the council members--and ended up killing some of the criminals instead of wasting taxpayer money on a trial.

The Secret Six: Listening to the Mockingbird
writer: Martin Pasko, penciller: Dan Spiegle, inker: Dan Spiegle, colorist: Carl Gafford, letterer: Carrie Spiegle, editor: Dick Giordano
At a 5-year reunion of the original Secret Six (see the 60s miniseries, Secret Six), Mockingbird invites new members to form a new Secret Six.

Superman: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!
writer: Roger L. Stern, penciller: Curt Douglas Swan, inker: John Beatty, colorist: Tom Ziuko, letterer: Bill Oakley, editor: Mike Carlin
Bob Galt's assassination day comes. Superman stops it...but the investigation into his would-be killers begins.

Deadman: The Section Chief
writer: Mike Baron, penciller: Dan Jurgens, inker: Tony DeZuniga, colorist: Liz Berube, letterer: Steve Haynie, editor: Barbara J. Randall
How inconvenient would it be if a mere mortal could see the Deadman? Very--especially if that person is a CIA section chief and the former Boston Brand has just stopped a CIA drugs-for-guns operation.

Blackhawk: Another Fine War
writer: Mike Grell, penciller: Rick Burchett, inker: Pablo Marcos, colorist: Tom Ziuko, letterer: Steve Haynie, editor: Mike Gold
Oh, Blackhawk, pay up your debts, financial and romantic, or a certain Mr. Zalecki and Miss Hastings might come looking for you...

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EN - Action Comics (1938) #601

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