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EN - Blackest Night HC

Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis

Nakladatelství: DC Comics

Autor:  Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis

Autor obálky:  Rodolfo Migliari, Ivan Reis
Počet stran:  304
Rok vydání:  2010
ISBN:  978-1-4012-2693-0
Jazyk:  angličtina
Typ comicsu:  barevný
Vazba:  v pevných deskách s papírovým přebalem
Formát:  265 x 175 mm

Across thousands of worlds, the dead have risen. These Black Lanterns, heroes and villains recruited from beyond the grave, have one purpose: extinguish all light - and life - in the universe.

Hal Jordan has overcome death once before. As the greatest Green Lantern to ever wield the emerald ring, it is Hal's unquestioned duty to lead the living against this overwhelming army of the dead.

While Blackest Night consumes Earth's heroes, the seven corps empowered by the emotional spectrum must end their war against each other - or bear witness to the end of all creation.

Each of these wildly different corps - fueled by rage, avarice, fear, will, hope, compassion and love - must unite against the Black Lanterns, but only those whose light shines the brightest can lift the shadows cast by Black Hand and his followers. As Earth becomes the ultimate battleground between the living and the dead, there is only one certainty.

No one escapes death.

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EN - Blackest Night HC

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