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EN - Wizard: The Comics Magazine (1991) #225

Nakladatelství: Wizard
Počet stran:  72
Rok vydání:  2010
Jazyk:  angličtina
Vazba:  sešitová
Formát:  265 x 205 mm

As Marvel's outer space heroes' problems come to a head, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer, Nova and a host of other cosmic Marvel icons face down their oldest and most powerful foe, Thanos. To get fans ready for the event, we rank all the Marvel cosmic big shots, from Beta Ray Bill to Rocket Raccoon, plus, we give you everything you need to know about personal stats, power class and chances of survival. Over at DC, big changes are also occurring, and we delve into how Brightest Day will help the DCU recover from Blackest Night. We pick our favorite resurrected characters from Blackest Night that we want to see alive and kicking in the DCU this summer! Also in this issue, Wizard's annual Summer Movie Preview, led by 'Iron Man 2' and 'The A-Team'! We track down the stars and directors launching the biggest hits of the summer. In addition, fans can also count on a new look at the crash of the '90s speculator market by Jim McLauchlin, a peak inside Dark Horse's revival of the Gold Key characters, a spotlight on Chris Claremont and Paul Smith's volcanic run on Uncanny X-Men and the only monthly Price Guide in comics!

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EN - Wizard: The Comics Magazine (1991) #225

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Tento produkt byl přidán do našeho katalogu Úterý 01 červen, 2010.